DVD: "Winning Pitching Drills" by Linda Wells

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About the Author:

Linda Wells,
former Arizona State University
Head Softball Coach
DVD Overview:

--Winning Pitching Drills has something for
pitchers at all levels!

--The first section, "Beginner Drills", works
with the whole/part/whole wrist snaps, isolated
wrist snaps, not isolated wrist snaps, arm circles,
the three ball drills, and working with throwing
to targets.

--"Intermediate Drills" work directly to spot

--All drills in the "Intermediate" section are
designed to help a pitcher hit her spots and
work towards being more consistent.

--The "Advanced Drills" section works specifically
on throwing into your own glove and receiving
signals from the catcher.

--Knowing what pitch you want to throw in
specific situations is a key to being a successful
pitcher and Wells will teach pitch selection
in the advanced section.

--"Speed Drills", "Upper Body Drills", "Accuracy
Drills", and "Lower Body Drills" are all also
covered in this comprehensive drill video.

--The final section of this video covers working
on different types of pitches such as the curve
ball, drop ball, and change up.
Item Number: DVD_SD-02138A_CP
51 minutes. 2003.